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2021 Year-End Challenge

Event Time: 16 November 2021, 00:00:00 (GMT +8) until 31 December 2021, 23:59:59 (GMT +8)

How to Participate:


  1. When the players have completed any one of the tasks as specified below, they will be eligible to receive bonuses or prizes for the said task.
  2. Members must complete the specific tasks (from 16 November to 31 December). Once the event ends, all the mission challenges will be void and terminated.
  3. One the members completed any of the task challenge, players should contact our 24/7 customer service via Live Chat to receive their reward.


List of the tasks and rewards:


No. Task Challenge Reward
1. Claiming ONE time of Daily Deposit Bonus Extra Lucky Bonus: 15
2. Claiming ONE time of Unlimited Deposit Bonus Extra Lucky Bonus: 20
3. Complete the Weekly Turnover Challenge Extra Lucky Bonus: 80
4. Deposited 15 times 1% Rebate of the total valid bet amount of 15 deposits
5. Deposited 30 times 1.2% Rebate of the total valid bet amount of 30 deposits
6. Reached 1,000,000 Valid Bet Turnover Dinner for two at Omakase
7. Reached 3,000,000 Valid Bet Turnover 3D2N at Shangri-La Hotel
8. Your total deposit amount reached MYR 300,000 iPad Air 256GB Wifi + Cellular
9. Your total deposit amount reached MYR 800,000 iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB
10. Your total deposit amount reached MYR 1,500,000 iMac 27′ 512GB 8core 5k retina display
11. Complete all the tasks and challenges above Royal Salute the Flask Collection Kew Palace Edition,
28-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky

(All of the challenges will be calculated from the start of the event)

Terms & Conditions:


  1. This Year End Challenge is only applicable to all UEA8 MYR players.
  2. Each task challenge reward can only be claimed once.
  3. MYR 100 minimum deposit is required to complete NO.1 and NO.2 challenges, and to be eligible to claim the rewards of mentioned tasks.
  4. The achievement of task challenge NO.4 and NO.5 (deposit for 15 time and 30 times) will not be overlapped. Player needs to deposit another 30 times in order to claim 1.2% Rebate after 1% Rebate is claimed.
  5. Players must achieve at least x1 valid bet amount after deposit to complete and claim the rewards of NO.8, NO.9 and NO.10 challenges.
  6. Players can redeem the prizes into their game wallet, which will then be calculated and redeem at 80% of the value of their prize value.
  7. Players who wish to redeem the prizes need to submit documents for verification purposes. Please submit your phone numbers and email addresses to complete the verification process.
  8. If all the documentations and mailing addresses and procedures are completed, players will receive a shipping status of the gift for easy tracking. UEA8 will not be responsible for any damage of the product during the delivery process.
  9. This year end challenge will only be limited to ONE account per person meaning, ONE per family, household address, IP address, email address, telephone number, credit or debit and/or e-payment account or shared computer (e.g., school, public library or workplace).
  10. Players who violate the terms and conditions of this Year End Challenge will result in the disqualification of this challenge unless stated otherwise.
  11. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other UEA8 promotions.
  12. UEA8 reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend, or terminate the Year End Challenge and/or change the terms of the promotion at any given time without any prior notice.
  13. All participating members must accept and comply with all the terms and conditions as mentioned above as well as all the relevant rules and regulations stated on the UEA8 website.
  14. The general terms and conditions of UEA8 will be applicable as well.

Author: Isabella Perez