Trends for the Online Gambling Industry

Gambling is slowly changing. Decades ago we had cards and live games at land-based casinos now we are at the digital crossroads where things will forever change for gambling. Online gambling has become one of the major forms of entertainment. With tons of money flowing throughout the industry, some groundbreaking changes are coming for the 2022 season. There is a lot of excitement about so make sure you stick around. In this post we will look at how the gambling industry will change in the upcoming year and what trends are we anticipating. Here are the 10 upcoming trends for the online gambling industry in 2022.

Crypto payments

Cryptocurrencies will slowly start to overtake the gambling industry as the main form of payment. There are tons of benefits to using crypto. Players enjoy the availability of it plus the direct connection between the player and the operator. When gambling with popular currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and others the payment process does not go through third-party sources like banks for instance. This makes the transactions much safer and faster. Additionally, it provides a sense of anonymity for the players since they do not have to share tons of personal information to start gambling. Thus, crypto has grown into being one of the most anticipated features of the gambling industry and tons of players are excited about the upcoming gambling season.

Legalization of gambling around the world

Slowly gambling will become even more accessible in restricted areas as legislation and laws start to become more liberated. There are tons of bills that are currently going through Congress, in the United States, that may give the chances to millions of players in different states. Certainly, the world is opening up to the possibilities of gambling and is starting to accept its features. The growing demand for gaming and safe networks have been the most important factor when it comes to deciding whether gambling should become illegal or not. The safe decentralized system of cryptocurrencies will only solidify that notion and improve the chances of gambling becoming finally legal worldwide.

Mobile optimization

Consumer habits are changing. With this, most of the games will start to go entirely online as most of them already have. This transition will be characterized by a monopoly in the smartphone sector as players realize that playing on their mobile phones is much faster and accessible anywhere. Nowadays, most software providers and developers have made the interface and games with game-changing technologies that allow lightning-fast speed both on the computer and mobile devices. This will certainly play a huge role in how gambling changes and how consumer habits change over the upcoming year. The bottom line is that the overall predictions are that gambling will slowly be transitioning to smartphone devices.

Virtual Reality

VR Gambling is perhaps the most exciting feature that is set to hit the gambling industry after the arrival of cryptocurrencies. The introduction of VR in gaming sounds enticing and is one of the main reasons why tons of players are considering returning to the gambling environment. With VR games, gambling will become more dynamic and interactive. With an improved AI-based environment the industry will see tons of players returning to their favorite slots and games as everything becomes much livelier.

More online casinos

As we previously mentioned there are tons of upcoming changes – cryptocurrencies and VR. This will likely mean that the land-based casino system will slowly start to decline. Simply, gambling online will be much more efficient in terms of time, energy, and fun. Although some players still prefer land-based casinos, the thrill of gambling online with millions of players just sounds exciting to the bigger majority. This is one of the concrete assumptions that land-based gambling will slowly cease to exist.


Another device that will likely see its introduction to the gambling market is smartwatches. They will serve valuable to customers and providers as they will provide a direct link between the two of them. Smartwatches are becoming a worldwide trend and software providers will surely find a way to implement the enticing features within the system of smartwatches to connect the gambling world and beyond.

Different game variants

Because poker and blackjack can seem overwhelming at first for new players, there is a need for simpler and newer games. Software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming are in the works of creating newer card games with interactive designs that will bring out the best of their technology. Apart from that these games will be a fresh introduction into the market.

More game features

The big companies and software providers that make the true magic happen are currently in the works of tons of features. Rumors are currently flying around that the iGaming industry is set to be hit by a new interactions system that will allow for a better connection between the players. This will not only connect the players but maybe have them a better inclusion of the land-based casinos. The system will provide a fresher image of the gambling industry and certainly introduce the new era of digital gambling.

Innovative slot machines

Undoubtedly, the favorite types of games of gamblers have got to be slotted. Thus companies and operators are spending tons of money for improving the slots sector. New bonuses, new reels, and tons of more fun are coming in 2022. Tons of surveys have proven that players love when there are new additions to the slots industry. The interactive system that we previously mentioned will have slots included within it. Such fresh additions will keep the market interesting and have players staying all season long.

Live casino experience

Players show preference over online casinos that show a realistic real live casino from their homes. They enjoy an engaging “real, live” dealer, which is the primary reason they started this gaming habit while never having to leave the house. Thus more casinos will be adding “live” sections to their market with live dealers being available 24/7. This will keep the games fresh and add a sense of dynamic when playing. Gamblers and customers have always been drawn to the idea of live dealers since it adds a sense of realness to the game.

Author: Isabella Perez