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Report Blacklist

Disclaimer: Non sponsored casino refund claims are not 100% processed. Casino’s that has bad reputation & already been reported here before are not covered. Player may still post the scam (without refund) for their own interest.

1.To qualify for the Report blacklist refund, user must be

  • a member of casinopub BEFORE the dispute happens.
  • Joined for at least 2 month
  • Have at least 1 silver (before dispute happen)
  • Completed KYC requirement. (If member has completed KYC in Pub100, this step can be skipped)

2. When successfully reporting a casino, 20% deposit refund given will be in RM for Pub100’s wallet.

3. The RM in Pub100’s wallet will be used for claiming Free bets in sponsored casinos.

4. If the sponsored casino are no longer affiliated with casinopub, dispute are no longer handled/covered by casinopub.

5. Full Refund amount for sponsored casino’s are subjected to Playsafe program and the refund can be in cash/sponsored credit/ pub100 RM in equal value. Kindly refer here for more info for the amount covered.

6. Refund ONLY covers deposits that are being “scammed” for the “day”. Refund does not cover deposits that were made before the scam happen.

7. Dispute can only be refunded ONCE per casino brand for NON sponsored casino. If same player faces the same issue on SAME casino, assistance/refund are not granted.

8. Casinopub are have all the rights to change/add the following terms without any given notice.

Author: Isabella Perez