ONYX2PLAY Casino scammed my winnings of RM4611.82 – Casino Pub

First of all, i deposit to Onyx2Play website because i trusted casinipub.club

i deposited to this website to claim RM888

100% welcome bonus

To play the sportsbook

Then i start grinding and playing real hard

I even check my turnover every day because to withdraw required 15x turnover (capital +bonus) which is RM26, 640

After i hit my turnover, i did 3 withdrawal which all 3 success

After that i left with around 1k+ credit to play, and fortunately enough i hit a parlay

I even told the customer service about it because i was happy

Now my credit is near to 4k, and at night i play few more match and lucky enough to make my credit RM5499. 82, thats the time when its 12am already and i knew that i can make withdrawal, so i submited

But end up i receive this msg saying that my bet is fraud, and they willing to only refund me my deposit amount of rm888

Which is super unfair because i knew it myself i was playing so hard day and night to make profit in this

I then quickly withdraw 888 which they agree to return me, lucky enough i received it

Balance of RM4611. 82 was not withdraw, i quickly snap it before it being removed

And true enough after awhile, they remove the amount and the balance is become rm0. 82

Im helpless and dont know what to do now, untill i remember here, so quickly come to post this

Hope admin around here can contact me and see what else i can do to get back the winnings


Ban Onyx2play!!!! 

Author: Isabella Perez