Celebrities who lost money gambling

The stars like to spend money, and betting is after their favorite activities. Of course, we need a measure that not everyone has. It is easy to deviate from the right path when you believe that luck is on your side. Such is the case with many of the celebrities who lost money gambling. Poker, blackjack, roulette, and more – let’s take a look at the list together.

The Bad Boy of Hollywood – Charlie Sheen

The Two and a Half Men star is wide-known for his devastating party habits involving alcohol, women, and sometimes drugs. But the madness doesn’t stop here. Charlie also gained a fame of a passionate gambler who knows no limits. During his divorce from Denise Richards, the ex-wife of the actor revealed there were days when he spent (and lost) over $200 000 on sports betting and casino games. Charlie Sheen used to gain almost $2 million per episode on the show before he was kicked out. He didn’t like to save up, so he preferred spending his money on compulsive gambling. Today, the actor claims those days are in the past.

The Empress of Soul – Gladys Knight

Music icon Gladys Knight had a serious gambling addiction which she tried to fight for almost a decade. The total amount she lost is estimated to be approximately $45 000. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only problem – the betting sessions also involved big quantities of alcohol. As a result, the singer couldn’t even take proper care of her own child. Gladys was addicted to blackjack after one of her friends introduced her to the game. After one night of gambling and drinking, she woke up in the morning and felt sick. She realized she couldn’t take her son to school, so she decided to contact Gamblers Anonymous, who helped her recover from the addiction and changed her life for good.

The NBA Superstar – Michael Jordan

It’s no secret that MJ used to take regular trips to Atlantic City, where he used to splurge on betting sessions. The MVP’s problem was that he didn’t limit himself to only bet in casino venues – he was even doing it on the field, during games. Once, Michael decided to try his luck and lost $2 million during a single golf game. Then, in 1993, he placed a bet against the Knicks, which cost him a fortune – the basketball player lost $165 000 in one night. In an interview, Michael Jordan shares that he didn’t suffer from a gambling addiction, but he had a competition problem. Whatever the case is, there is evidence that his passion for betting started at a young age, in his high school years. In 2019, a $5 check that Jordan wrote to a fellow student from North Caroline went for auction. The money that MJ has to pay was lost at a pool table. His friend specifically asked for a check, probably because he knew that MJ would become a world sensation.

Playboy Star and Actress- Pamela Anderson

Among the celebrities who lost money gambling, there is everyone’s “Baywatch” favorite actress, Pamela Anderson, who had a passion for poker. In an interview on the Elen DeGeneres Show, she revealed that she once lost $250 000 in Las Vegas. The actress shared that she managed to pay the debt with sexual favors. Later, it became clear that Pamela played against a professional poker player, Rick Solomon, who she married in 2007. The story of the two ended soon – they divorced in early 2008 before they reunited again for few months in 2014.

Manchester United Legend – Wayne Rooney

The award-winning football player from Liverpool, England, didn’t have a passion for sports only. In 2017, while his family was out of town, Wayne took the chance and entered Manchester 235 Casino. In a two-hour betting session, he played both roulette and blackjack. Unfortunately, the ending wasn’t happy for Rooney – he lost nearly £500 000! Witnesses claim that the Machester United star also drank a couple of beers while he was being reckless. That night, Rooney placed bets only on red, the color of his team, but this strategy betrayed him.

Most Awarded Olympian – Michael Phelps

The story of the swimming legend, Michael Phelps, is quite intriguing. Before he even thought he would become the athlete with most gold medals from the Olympic games, he was genuinely interested in poker. The American athlete wanted to become a professional player, so he started playing online while he was still in high school. He started with placing small bets of $1 and $2, slowly taking the stakes higher. Michael became so good he even joined several poker tournaments in Las Vegas. Over the years, the Olympian lost millions in gambling, but he managed to beat the addiction and now organizes charitable poker games. The profits Michael donates to those in need.

Hollywood’s Favorite – Ben Affleck

The charismatic actor took part in many successful movies and became one of the public’s favorites. Another thing that we know of Ben is his passion for casino games, especially poker and blackjack. A curious fact – Ben Affleck was banned from playing in Las Vegas after he won a poker championship back in 2004. It was during a poker game again when he lost the shocking $400 000 on a single hand. However, the actor has many other virtues, life his generosity. One night, Ben decided to tip the casino staff with $150 000! With good manners and a golden heart, he will always be a favorite.

Author: Isabella Perez