10 Great Gambling Movie Scenes

Human history remembers phenomenal titles of movies that will surely be remembered and honored forever! When it comes to the gambling world, there are several movies that are considered phenomenal by the critics and show the hidden side of casinos and gaming in general! All of these movies are marvelous and remarkable and will stay in history as one of the best works of art ever created! In this article, we have decided to list for you the top 10 great gambling movie scenes and tell you a little bit about the story behind each and every one of them. Some of them you have probably already heard of and some you are just now getting to know – either way, you will be enriched once watching these movies because they are all complete masterpieces!

Owning Mahowny & The Cooler

The first movie that we would like to talk you through is called “Owning Mahowny” and is definitely worth watching! This is a Canadian movie from 2003 which is based on a true story of a bank employee in Toronto that has embezzled more than $10 million in order to satisfy his gambling addiction. This movie was put on the chart for the top 10 best films of the year! Next, we have a movie called “The cooler” and is also a 2003 movie but is rather romantic. The scenes are taking place in old-school gambling parlance and follow the story of the “cooler” This is a person who shows up at the gambling tables of people when they are bad luck and are losing so he is often considered as an unlucky individual.

The Maverick & The Gamble

Moving forward to our next recommendation, “The Maverick” is a very old movie which is still worth watching nowadays! It has been released in the year of 1952 and is an American western firm which is directed by one of the best – Thomas Carr. Some of the world-known stars of this movie are Myron Healey, Phyllis Coates, Wild Bill Elliot, and others. Another fantastic movie is “The Gambler” and this one is an American crime drama film from 1974. The story follows the life of a professor with a gambling addiction that crosses the line. But to get to know what happens next, you have to watch the movie!

21 & Rounders

“21” is the next movie that we wanted to share with you for many reasons – mainly because it is a rather new firm from 2008. This is an American heist drama movie which is based on a real story of the MIT Blackjack Team which is very interesting! Continuing with a movie called “Rounders” which is a 1998 American film that is drama again. This film lets us take a look at the unseen underground world of high-stakes poker which is very exciting and shows things that have never been shown before!

Vegas Vacation & Let it ride

Moving forward to something funnier and much more entertaining, “Vegas Vacation” is an American 1997 comedy film! The movie is directed by Stephen Kessler and the story follows the life of a person who works in the food industry and decides to book a trip to Vegas – what happens next is history! “Let it ride” is another comedy film that we suggest you watching! It is a 1989 American movie and the plot is based on the life of an unsuccessful gambler who experiences one day in which he wins every bet he places. It shows the hopeful attitudes of the losers!

Two for the money & The Hustler

Next, we have “Two for the money” which is an American sports-drama film from the year 2005! This movie also lets us take a deep look at the unseen sides of the world of sports gambling. And last but not least, we finish the top 10 great gambling movie scenes with “The Hustler”, a very old movie from the year 1961 but still applies to the nowadays situation! This is an American drama film that follows the story of one hustler who wants to break into the “major league” of professional hustling but what happens next, you can find out only if you watch the whole movie – we promise that it will be 100% worth your time!

Author: Isabella Perez