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Activity Details:

All members bet on any game every day, and enjoy the daily bonus the next day, up to MYR 53745! Have fun every day, play with confidence!

Daily cumulative valid bets Obtain bonus Accumulated bonus
2000+ MYR 5 MYR 5
6000+ MYR 9 MYR 14
30000+ MYR 39 MYR 53
60000+ MYR 59 MYR 112
100000+ MYR 99 MYR 211
300000+ MYR 139 MYR 350
600000+ MYR 399 MYR 749
1000000+ MYR 799 MYR 1548
3000000+ MYR 1399 MYR 2947
5000000+ MYR 3399 MYR 6346
10000000+ MYR 8399 MYR 14745
30000000+ MYR 39000 MYR 53745

For example, if a member plays any game on the same day, the accumulated valid bet reaches 30,000, and at 12:00 noon the next day, he can get the winning bonus = 5+9+39=53, and you can make a withdraw without turnover!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The bonuses obtained can be withdraw without turnover.
  2. Promise is only calculated for the bet amount that has been settled and resulted in winning or losing results. Any draw or canceled events will not be counted as valid bets. (For example: bet 100, the Hong Kong market odds are 0.2, the winning payout is 20, and the valid bet is 20; if the principal loses 100, the valid bet is 100.)
  3. All valid bets are updated by the system in real time, and it usually takes a few minutes for the data to be returned. If the corresponding threshold is reached on the same day, the system will automatically distribute it the next day.
  4. All bets canceled due to any factors, or the number generated by the bonus game after winning the lottery, are not included in the calculation scope;
  5. KW88 reserves the absolute discretion, unilaterally enforceable, to modify, change the terms and conditions of this promotion/stop, terminate or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  6. Members participating in this promotion must accept and abide by the above terms and conditions and all relevant terms and conditions of KW88.
  7. General terms and conditions applicable to KW88.

Author: Isabella Perez